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RFF The Alchemist xx -
The ONLY Cremello Thoroughbred in the World with a European breeding license !!!
The first ever as Cremello registered TB in the world !!!

Copyright Picture above: www.equi-image.de

Color-Genetic:  eeAa

Another RARITY we could acquire in the USA. The Alchemist, a rare CREMELLO Thoroughbred giving you the 100% guarantee for a dilute foal with every mare. Long legged, gorgeous and equiped with all attributes of a fine TB, he is a great addition to our breeding goals for Warmblood refinement in the sporthorse section, the breeding of dilute Anglo-Arabians and pure Thoroughbreds of all dilute colors.

In March 2006 RFF The Alchemist has been presented to the breed commission of the ZSAA, which is a German National Breed Association for Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred and Partbred Sporthorses. The approval of this Organization is accepted by the other German National and Regional Breed Associations. RFF The Alchemist presentend himself so very well, he could achieve several scores above the needed score of 7. He scored an 8 in body conformation, correctness, overall impression, gallop and jumping.

On October 25, 2007 his color gene test (sent in to UC Davis on October 11, 2007) came back as Cr/Cr e/e A/a and was accepted by the German JC in Cologne. This made him the FIRST ever as Cremello identified and accepted Thoroughbred in the World.

August 13 and 14, 2010 Alchemist finished his stallion performance test and placed third. Some of his scores were 7.5 for walk and trot, his rideability scored by the two test riders was 8, jumping a course was scored 7.5 by the judges and his test riders, cross country 7.5, race gallop 10.

Alchemist has also competed in two eventing competitions with his 16 year old rider Jonathan
and placed a 3rd and a 5th rank. See pictures below.

Text: Copyright Gwendolyn Gregorio


With a heavy heart I must report that RFF The Alchemist died at midnight on October 22/23 2011 after having had colic surgery.

Eventing competition Buedingen July 3/4, 2010
Copyright Pictures: www.turnierfototeam.com


Eventing competition Holzerode July 10/11, 2010
Copyright Pictures: www.equi-image.de


Stallion Performance Test - Huenfeld August 13/14, 2010

Copyright Pictures: Stephen Hilpert-Rasche - www.equidographie.de



RFF The Alchemist xx


born 2003
 17.1 hh

King's Ransom

Milkie's Desire


Deer Lodge

Tootsie T

Desirable Lady


Petite Coeur

Sister Georgette

Our Michael


Our Tribe

Don't Tell George

Miles Standish

Millies Babe

Golden Miracle  

Glitter Please

Jack Sprat

Prince John

Sweet Folly

Lucky Two Bits


Lucky Pamela

Ms Tcom



Court Circuit




Pictures of his sire King's Ransom:


Picture of dam (right) and dam's sire (left):


 Copyright pictures: RFF


Approval ZSAA 2006

Copyright pictures: Astrid Becker

Videos of The Alchemist progeny:


Trakehner dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jt8QdAQSWE

Knabstrupper dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R7J059RJpQ

Warmblood dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1LPPMsWrP0

Warmblood dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3GSBlYEghU

Trakehner dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX435bb9C-Q


Warmblut dam: http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/Alcantaro.wmv

Warmblut dam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE689IN1dSM
and             http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/Aristoteles.wmv

Thoroughbred dam: http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/Goldmaker.wmv

Warmblood dam (1 week old): http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/AttackinCream.wmv

Warmblood dam (1 week old): http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/Artist2.wmv

Knabstrupper dam: http://www.gestuet-falkenhorst.com/Ambassador.wmv


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